AGRI LNG Project Company S.R.L. (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector) held the Board of Directors meeting on 3-4 December 2014 in Bucharest, Romania.

Penspen (the UK company) provided presentation on final results of AGRI Project Feasibility Study to shareholders: SOCAR (Azerbaijan), GOGC (Georgia), ROMGAZ (Romania) and MVM (Hungary).

Board of Directors of AGRI LNG Company discussed the results of the report on AGRI feasibility study provided by Penspen. The Board of Directors suggested to organize the General Assembly of Shareholders of AGRI LNG Company in January-February 2015.

The representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and Energy Department of the Ministry of Economy of Romania attended as well.

AGRI Project (where shareholders are SOCAR 25%, GOGC 25%, ROMGAZ 25% and MVM 25%) is aimed to supply liquefied natural gas from the Caspian region through Georgian coast of Black Sea to Romania, Hungary and other Eastern European countries.

Signing of the Consulting Contract

AGRI LNG Project Company SRL announces that on June 28th 2012 was signed the Contract for Consulting Services with oil and gas engineering group Penspen Limited (UK registered company). The scope of work includes:

• Gas Market and Gas Supply analysis;

• Development of conceptual engineering for pipelines and terminals;

• Economic and financial analyses

• Risk assessment and environmental aspects

The work is expected to be finalized by November 2012.

Clarifications related to the Request for proposals – January, 25, 2012

Referring to Section 3.3 “requirements regarding the Proposal, Item C. Instruction for the presentation of the Proposal, of the RFP, page 8, par: “Only complete Proposals received via email and in hard copies on or before Closing Date will be considered to have been received on time. Late Proposals will not be accepted and the hard copy will not be returned to the Tenderer”.

Please be informed that the Tenderers must submit the complete final Proposal via email on or before the Closing Date (January 31st 15:00 Bucharest Time), and the hardcopy could arrive later, after deadline expires. The file(s) of the emailed Proposal must be scanned copies of the final paper Proposal, with all pages formally executed by the authorized representative(s).

Clarifications and rewording related to the Request for proposals – January, 16, 2012

1. Referring to Item 3.8 (Sub-contracting) of the RFP, “ Tenderers may use subcontractors, who must be clearly identified in their proposals. The subcontracts shall be attached as annexes to the Contract.”

- The tenderers have no obligation to conclude and respectively to submit – as part of their offers – the subcontracting agreements concluded with the envisaged subcontractors. All these documents shall be presented prior to the execution of the Contract and shall be attached thereto.

2. Due to a technical error, a part of Article 7.1 has been re-iterated in Article 7.2. The correct form of Article 7.2 from Appendix B – (Form of the Contract) has the following wording:

- “ 7.2 During the 5 Business Days notice period after the receipt of the suspension notice referred to in Clause 7.1 above the Parties shall continue performing this Contract and such period shall not be included into the period of Suspension for the purposes of Clause 9.”

Letter of intent

SC AGRI LNG PROJECT COMPANY SRL ("AGRI") published, on December 5, 2011 on its website "" the Request for Proposals ("Request for Proposals") related to the achievement of a feasibility study, the scope of which is to assess the technical, financial and economical viability of the energy cooperation project named Azerbaijan - Georgia - Romania - Hungary Interconnector. The project aims to bring natural gas from the Caspian region through Azerbaijan and Georgia territory, its liquefaction and transportation via Black Sea to Romania and Hungary and potentially to other European markets.

By carrying out this Request for Proposals, AGRI wishes to appoint a consulting company in order to determine scenarios for the project implementation based on the technical and economical point of view, through the works and services described in the Request for Proposals regarding the Feasibility Study for AGRI Project.

The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to establish the terms and conditions applicable to this stage of the tendering process and to set out the procedure for submission the Proposals related to the project.

AGRI invites all the companies having necessary experience and capability to carry out this feasibility study to submit their Proposals, according to the instructions of the Request for Proposals published on the website of the company.


Request for Proposals for Consultancy Services relating to a
Feasibility Study for AGRI Project